10 Fun Things To Learn How To Do

One of the main problems I have in life is that I like too many things. I want to get better at German, while learning to play the piano, going to aerial hoop classes, and roller-skating backwards. I find it hard to focus, which means I try everything, and never really get good at anything. (Feel free to disagree with me).

I’m still figuring out how to balance all my vocations / hobbies, but what I thought would be really fun this year is to just pick 10 fun random skills I want to learn, to challenge myself, but mainly to impress people at parties. Then I will blog about how they went and if I managed to achieve them (or not).

Here is the list:

  1. Blow bubblegum
  2. Do a handstand
  3. Do the splits
  4. Do a kip-up / kick-up the way Buffy does
  5. Purr
  6. Whistle with two fingers
  7. Raise my right eyebrow independently of the left one (which I can already do on its own)
  8. Open a bottle of beer with a lighter
  9. Do the superman move on the pole
  10. Dive into a swimming pool

I know some people will look at this list and think ‘How can you not know how to dive into a pool?’, ‘What, you didn’t learn how to blow bubble-gum at school?!’ And to them I say, you know we’ve all got different skills, some people can’t cook rice, or roll a cigarette, or bleed a radiator, or sew a button, and I can do all those things. But seriously, no one ever taught me how to do it properly, and I’m too scared to break my neck. As for the bubble-gum, I was just way too busy blowing other things. #AmIRight #SorryNotSorry

Anyway, I’m looking forward to where this list takes me, and writing the follow up blog telling you all about what happened…


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