Burlesque / Striptease

Carmen also performs Burlesque professionally as APRIL FIASCO. Burlesque Idol Finalist 2019 and regular performer at UK Cabaret Shows, her style is neo-comedy, using humour to tell a story.

She currrently has 4 finished acts and is in the process of developing 2 more!

Fell in love with a cake

A comedy act about love and romance between a woman and her favourite dessert. Because love can be messy but cake with always be there for you…

Perfect for both Valentines Themed shows and Fetish events. May contain sploshing!


Where are you From?

Answering the classic question every racially ambigious person is constantly asked, April gives you a geograhy lesson with a twist and some inspiration from her favourite 90s girl band.


Let’s build something together.

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